Oct 3

Magnesium Source

Author : George

You stated earlier that your magnesium was from the “Sea of Japan.” What about radioactive contamination?

Fortunately for all concerned, the incidents occurred in the North/East and our source is from the South/West, protected by coastal tides and wind direction. The company currently has a large amount of magnesium in their manufacturing facility in the United States that was obtained prior to the nuclear reactor incident in Japan. Also, prior to the incident, there was some sea water that was already in processing and is continuing on through those processing steps. The manufacturer of the magnesium in Japan confirms that there has been no contamination of the magnesium and we have received testing certification from the manufacture using a PA-1000 (environmental radiation monitor) which showed zero levels of radiation in their location. Nevertheless they have had all the magnesium tested, here in the US, through 3rd-party labs for radiation and all the results have been negative.

Rest assured that we will continue to monitor this and provide you with the highest quality product.

Sep 8

Leg Cramps

Author : George

This question is in response to the YouTube Video by Jim Williams Magnesium Deficiency and Symptoms

Isn’t a leg cramp (a Charley horse?) from a deficiency in Potassium, and is a sign of pre-diabetes? When I was getting leg cramps in 2005 I would eat 1 banana a day and the cramps would go away.

Cramps can be the result of a deficiency of magnesium, potassium or calcium.  To physically control the muscle spasm, magnesium is always needed, but the initial cause could be from a potassium or calcium deficiency.

Not all muscle cramps are a definite sign that diabetes is imminent. A chronic lack of any nutrient can tip the scale in favour of disease.  A chronic lack of potassium might result in diabetes for one person, whereas another person may develop chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia; factors such as genetics, lifestyle, activity level, diet, and several others are variables to consider.

The best prevention is to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables; especially green leafy vegetables and supplement when you need to.

Jul 6

Natural Calm Magnesium

Author : George

According to the 2009 SPINS report, Natural Calm is the NUMBER ONE best-selling magnesium supplement in the natural market going on 4 years. Natural Calm sells over FOUR TIMES the magnesium of its nearest competitor. Natural Calm sales grew 36.5% over theprevious year.

Will the Natural Calm Magnesium Citrate ionic powder by itself help lower high blood pressure? Thank you for your time. Debbie R

The Natural Calm Magnesium Citrate powder does help to lower high blood pressure. Your body uses calcium to thicken your blood and magnesium to make it thinner. If you do not have enough magnesium, your body may not be able to thin your blood properly at the appropriate times. Your body also uses calcium to contract muscles and magnesium to help them relax. When you body has sufficient magnesium, your blood vessels will also be more relaxed, allowing blood to flow more freely which helps result in a lower blood pressure.

So Natural Calm Magnesium Citrate powder will not lower your blood pressure like certain medications do but it will give your body the magnesium it needs so it can obtain a more normal blood pressure.

I am looking into buying Natural Calm and I would like to know if any or all of your products are certified Kosher? Sima

All our products, including Natural Calm, are not certified Kosher. They are Kosher as far as they contain no animal or grape products. Our Liquid Organic Life Vitamins do contain a grape seed extract. Because the amount is less than 1/60th of the total ingredients, the Liquid Organic Vitamins is also considered to be Kosher.