Sep 8

Leg Cramps

Author : George

This question is in response to the YouTube Video by Jim Williams Magnesium Deficiency and Symptoms

Isn’t a leg cramp (aCharleyhorse?) from a deficiency in Potassium, and is a sign of pre-diabetes? When I was getting leg cramps in 2005 I would eat 1 banana a day and the cramps would go away.

Cramps can be the result of a deficiency of magnesium, potassium or calcium. To physically control the muscle spasm, magnesium is always needed, but the initial cause could be from a potassium or calcium deficiency.

Not all muscle cramps are a definite sign that diabetes is imminent. A chronic lack of any nutrient can tip the scale infavourof disease. A chronic lack of potassium might result in diabetes for one person, whereas another person may develop chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia; factors such as genetics, lifestyle, activity level, diet, andseveral others are variables to consider.

The best prevention is to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables; especially green leafy vegetables and supplement when you need to.

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